Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews OF660 Collapsible Carbon
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Hey Gang! Check out the new demo/review of the OF660 collapsible acoustic carbon travel guitar from Acoustic Guitar Magazine!
“With composite construction and easily detachable neck, the Journey OF660 is truly a guitar you can take anywhere. Whether in extreme cold, heat, or moisture (high- or low-humidity), carbon fiber is impervious to the elements. What this means, for you the player, is that the guitar will not warp or swell. And because it folds up into a tidy TSA-approved case, it will fit into the overhead compartment of most airplanes. The case even has a pocket large enough for your laptop or other sundry items.
Assembling the guitar is simple. The body and neck store in separate pouches within the case, but are still attached together by the strings. Once removed from the case, simply slot the neck into a channel in the body with two posts—a triangular one and a screw post that you will tighten once the neck has clicked into place. Pull back on the neck until you here the “click,” and then tighten the inner screw by hand, from the back of the guitar….
The acoustic timbre of the Journey is distinct. A strong hearty bass thumps out at you from the soundport located on the upper bout. The treble has less sparkle than a wood guitar, but I got a feel for how to attack the strings and how to navigate its very interesting sound palette once I became familiar with the Journey’s sound….
Travelers and gigging musicians should find the Journey a great companion, whether tucked in the overhead or riding shotgun in a compact car. It’s easy to assemble and covers all the bases for performance and practicing.”
Click below to see the full review and video!

AG297_New Gear – Journey OF660

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