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Journey overhead wood travel guitar hardware
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“You have to have one of these little Overheads in your hands, listening with your own ears to appreciate how good this guitar sounds. The online audio demos can give you some idea, especially if you use decent computer speakers, but there’s obviously nothing like hearing it in person.
Being a finger-stylist, I started with some Travis picking. Most travel guitars have very little bass response, so I was amazed at the sound my thumb was getting from the lowest three strings, which were nicely balanced with the top three. I grabbed my 000 guitar, which cost twice as music as the Overhead, and repeated the same pattern a few times then went back and did the same on the Overhead. Was it as loud? No, but based on its smaller size, it seemed to have no business being as close as it was. Was it as warm and/or as bright? No, but it wasn’t as thin sounding or “tinny” as one might expect. To my ears, it was as loud and tonally balanced as many other small, non-travel sized guitars I’ve played. Was it the quality of the wood, or the bracing, or that Manzer wedge that was producing this bigger, balanced sound? According to Journey Instruments, yes, and you’ll get no objections from me…
…Build quality was excellent, not a flaw outside – the rosewood back is beautiful – and no glue drippings on the inside. Not a mark or fingerprint on the guitar out of the box. The action was just right for my taste. No set-up needed at this time. The tuners work well and the neck width and thickness are also just right for me. Strapping it on and playing did not make me feel like I was playing a “small” guitar. The travel case is as well-designed as the online videos demonstrate. Everything you need for playing can fit nicely into the bag. If you’re worried about the unexpected and unwanted gate-check (as I always still am), there’s room in the case to stuff some additional foam padding around both the body and neck.
Journey Instruments has done its homework well, designing an instrument that meets the overhead dimension requirements, but does not compromise the sound with the size. The good things being said about the sound are not hype. They’re true. This is the best travel guitar I’ve ever played or owned.”
– by Forsinger on Acoustic Guitar Forum
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