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OF660 ranked in top 8 travel guitars of 2010

The Journey Instruments OF660 has been designed from the ground up as a travel guitar. In other words, built with a temperature-resistant carbon fiber to prevent both cracking and warping, it doesn't make concessions for its portability. Instead, it exhibits unprecedented durability. If you're thinking, wow, its profile sure does look like a wedge, you'd be right...  Click here for the…

OF660 Collapsible Carbon Travel Guitar Ranked Best Travel Guitar

The OF660 collapsable carbon fiber acoustic travel guitar was ranked #1 by Expert World Travel website in their top 10 travel guitars review. Check out the full review here. What makes this guitar amazing for travel is the collapsible neck. You can disassemble it in less than a minute and pack it in its travel backpack. The backpack is carry on sized, and…

Tony Polecastro from Acoustic Life Introduces the new First Class

Tony does a great job giving an overview of the FF412C First Class Travel Guitar on his Acoustic Life Channel For the Full Acoustic Life blog post you can see it HERE:  And for the Kickstarter Campaign, you can check it out HERE.

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