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Ron Cary Reviews Overhead Travel Guitar

Build quality is excellent, not a mark or fingerprint on the instrument. No flaws outside (the rosewood back is beautiful) and no glue drippings inside. Action requires no set-up for my taste. Neck thickness is just fine and the tuners work well. Case is as well-designed as the YouTube video demo shows. Everything associated with playing can go in one bag…
So, in my opinion, Journey Instruments did their research and got everything right about a guitar designed for air travel that doesn’t compromise size with sound.

carbon fiber travel guitar front

OF660 Overhead Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Shipping Soon!

Hi All! The above video is the first ever demo of our OF660 Overhead carbon fiber travel guitar. After confirming this sample guitar last week, we’ve started production on our first lot of our collapsible carbon fiber travel guitars! The OF660 Overhead has a unidirectional carbon fiber soundboard with our patented soundboard system and detachable neck. The video provides a…

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