Journey overhead wood travel guitar hardware

by Forsinger on Acoustic Guitar Forum

“You have to have one of these little Overheads in your hands, listening with your own ears to appreciate how good this guitar sounds. The online audio demos can give you some idea, especially if you use decent computer speakers, but there’s obviously nothing like hearing it in person. Being a finger-stylist, I started with some Travis picking. Most travel guitars have very little bass response, so I was amazed at the sound my thumb was getting from the lowest three strings, which were nicely balanced with the top three. I grabbed my 000 guitar, which cost twice as music…

Review by Pb+J on Acoustic Guitar Forum

“It seems like an ideal travel guitar. With the exceptions noted above, it’s extremely comfortable to play, with a well balanced even, smooth tone. Gentle, and intimate, but not quiet. My first response was like other peoples, surprise at how loud it is for a small guitar. Its enjoyable to play–I’d like playing this guitar even without the removable neck, which seems to me to be the key point. The compromises don’t destroy the pleasure of playing it. The backpack is elegantly designed and easy to use. Looking forward to walking on the plane home with zero fuss or concern.”…

Review by Woody on the Acoustic Guitar Forum

“I just think these guys have perfected the design. It is a Travel guitar that really makes travel easy and sensible. I don’t know about you, but the travel guitars that are out there are…can I say it…mostly under-performers…ie: sound bad, difficult to handle and manage, etc, etc… …A BIG sounding guitar in a small transportable package. And if the guitar isn’t cool enough, check out the carry bag for it…in a word…ingenious. It even has a built in under-saddle pick-up which sounds really great plugged in… …Albeit my tastes are considerable spoiled by my current “stable” of some of…

Journey travel guitar collapsible acoustic travel guitar – side angle

Review by Leighton Kyle on Ultimate

“I’ve been playing guitar for about 5 years now and recently started to travel quite a bit. I purchased one of Journey Instruments’ Overhead mahogany travel guitars and it is a beautiful instrument! One of my favorite features of the guitar’s design is its Manzer wedge. This wedge design and its shorter body make it really comfortable to hug underneath my arm and against my body while I’m playing. Another feature that I love is the built in pick up that does not require batteries. No more inconvenience and hassle needing to switch out batteries! When I’m ready to pack…

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