Review of OF420 by Finnish guitarist J.J. Kallio in Ireland

Last year I took stock of my traveling and realized I had done 22 flights. I also had started to write songs much more than before, so even on a short holiday it pained me to leave my guitar behind. So I started to look into travel guitars. What I wanted was a guitar I could bring in as hand luggage on any flight, no questions asked. I had played with the thought before, but the options were either still too large to get on every flight or the sound and playability was too much of a compromise. What I…

journey travel guitar rosewood removable neck travel guitar

Review by Bob Kilpatrick in Worship Musician Magazine

“I’ve taken my Journey guitar (which I got shortly after meeting Rob) on many flights since October, on big planes and tiny commuters, and have always found room for it in the overhead bin, even with my iPad, Bible, a couple other books and other miscellany packed in its pouches… The nylon case is remarkably ingenious (a design marvel) and made of high quality materials. Besides the main compartment for the body of the guitar and the zippered pouch for the neck there are three other zippered pouches. One is padded and sized to fit an iPad or laptop, and…

Travel Guitar Backpack with collapsed travel Guitar

Review by Carmel Cedar on Acoustic Guitar Forum

“If you travel on smaller jets at least some of the time – you’ll love a Journey. Many of us on Delta (or other carriers) fly in hobbit-size jets, and Journey makes it easy to bring in cabin every time. If you travel on big jets and can brag about bringing your big guitars in Southwest or Air Canada’s roomy bins – you don’t need a Journey. Or maybe even a Voyage Air. Just bring your GS mini, cello, grand piano, whatever and post your “easy travel” stories for us poor schlepps to read with envy while crammed next to…

Journey overhead wood travel guitar hardware

by Forsinger on Acoustic Guitar Forum

“You have to have one of these little Overheads in your hands, listening with your own ears to appreciate how good this guitar sounds. The online audio demos can give you some idea, especially if you use decent computer speakers, but there’s obviously nothing like hearing it in person. Being a finger-stylist, I started with some Travis picking. Most travel guitars have very little bass response, so I was amazed at the sound my thumb was getting from the lowest three strings, which were nicely balanced with the top three. I grabbed my 000 guitar, which cost twice as music…

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