Collapsible Wood Guitar Comparison Guide

The Overview

Journey collapsible guitars all come with awesome travel cases and feature our patented stainless steel detachable neck mechanism with carbon fiber reinforcement. This means these guitars aren’t just a joy to travel with, but they also a blast to play and have amazing tone, sustain, and volume for their size. The chart below is an excellent tool to help you choose which guitar is the best for your needs.

  • All guitars feature bone nut and saddle
  • Check model details for specific tonewoods used.
  • “N” at the end of a model number denotes Narrow Nut – 1 11/16 for steel string guitars – OF410N, FF412CN etc. Our standard nut width is 1 3/4 for all steel string models with no  “N” at the end of the model number – OF410, FP412, OF422 etc.

So what do we recommend?

Both the FP412 and FF412C have the roller cases. The OF660, OF422 or OF312 have backpack cases with tons of pockets and functions. The PJ410N has a backpack that’s super compact with fewer features.
Here’s a simple overview of the differences of these models.
  • The PJ410N is the smallest steel string guitar we make, compacts to fit under an airplane seat and sounds as good or better than most brand name travel-sized guitars with 12-13 inch lower bouts sold today. It has a 23 inch scale and 12 fret neck joint. No pickup or wedge design, but amazing for travel.
  • The FP412 has the volume of a large parkour and nearly the tonal balance of an OM. It has a 12 fret neck joint which puts the bridge in the “sweet spot” for bigger tone in a smaller body.
  • The FF412C has the volume of a dreadnought and tonal balance of a GA with slightly heavier bass and 14th fret neck joint.
  • The OF422 and OF312 have the volume and balance of a parlor guitars. and 14th fret neck joint.
All these have solid top and back (except PJ410N), sound great, and have a proven collapsible mechanism.
Right now we can’t switch the cases for these as the bodies are all different sizes, and we don’t have inventory of spare bags at the moment. Next year we’ll have extra roller cases for upgrading overheads that originally came with backpack cases, but we won’t do the reverse.

Our General Recommendation

  • If you want maximum portability, decent volume, and great tone – go for the OF422 or OF312.  These sound great, and travel so easily with all your gear. Lots of artists use these as stage guitars.
  • If you want the best balance of travel, volume, and tone – and don’t play much above the 14th fret, or are classically trained – go for the FP412. (This is Rob’s favorite wood guitar.)
  • If you want maximum volume, full sized guitar tone, and a full cutaway – but don’t travel internationally much, go for the FF412C.  Note this guitar case dims are larger than many standard carry-on dims, though we’ve had no complaints of people not carrying them on. We designed this for guitarists who require a full-sized guitar with a 16 inch lower bout.
  • If you’re on a budget or need the smallest and lightest one go for the PJ410N – it’s a fun little guitar. 🙂

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