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Special thanks to Josh for a great independent review of our OF410 sitka/sapele and OF660 carbon fiber collapsible acoustic travel guitars. The only correction we would make is that our OF660 is made of carbon fiber. Here’s the intro of the review along with the video. Read the for the full review here.

“When the new guitars arrived at my door I had trouble believing that an acoustic instrument could actually fit in such a small box. Journey Instruments had agreed to send me two guitars to test – one solid-top wood guitar and one carbon fiber guitar – and I honestly had no idea what to expect.
Travel guitars come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve bought one and avoided many others, mostly because I can’t bear to sacrifice tone for the sake of a little convenience. I’ve seen collapsible guitars before and I’ve never been impressed. They seem so flimsy and the gig bags are awkward. I don’t usually think of a collapsible travel guitar as one that I would be proud to show off and certainly not one that I would be willing to play on stage.
After a couple weeks with the carbon fiber Overhead guitar, however, and I’ve changed my tune.”

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