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Are you new at guitar and not sure where to start? Have you been playing for a while and just want to learn some quick and easy songs to impress your friends? Come join us over on our TikTok and Instagram pages!

We’re posting new lessons multiple times a week for you to check out, ranging from current Top 40 hits to classic favorites.

All the videos, of course, also show off our various collapsible guitars, including our best selling carbon fiber and the brand spankin’ new Overhead Electric guitar.

If you would like a more in-depth look at our guitars and other gear, you can also join us over on our YouTube page, where we have demos of all our guitars, ukuleles, and basses. We even have tutorials there and show off gear we think goes great with our instruments!

Don’t see a song on any of our pages you’d like to learn? Drop us a comment on one of our videos and we’ll add it to the list! See you guys over there. 🙂

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