Journey Travel Guitar Review on Collings Forum
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Pumped about the rave review of our Overhead collapsible travel guitar on the Collings Forum! Here’s an excerpt:
“I will lend my support to the many accounts of the really good volume and tone of this guitar. It is diminutive in size but has a voice that really surprises in a good way. You won’t be rushing home from your trip to sell all of your traditional guitars but you will likely be pleasantly surprised and really enjoy this guy while on the road. It has a 1 3/4” nut and the playability is great. In all ways I am very happy with this guitar. It breaks down and fits into the supplied TSA approved 22x14x9 inch carry aboard…

So the guitar is super and actually worth bringing on a trip because it plays and sounds great. …
The big win for me here is that the bag has sufficient room to stow at least one work outfit too. So if the airline does what they do, and loses my checked bag, I can survive the trip….and play the ‘airline lost my baggage’ blues on my OF420.”  CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW WITH PICS

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