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New York based indie folk singer-songwriter Lauren Mian easily combines traditional folk ingredients and modern sensibilities to create evocative portraits of love, grief, and the journey of life in her deep and genuine lyrics.

Mian draws influence from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, The Beatles, and Joni Mitchell to give her songs a timeless quality that captures the spirit of folk and pop music with a contemporary edge. Her accomplished guitar playing and lush, velvety vocals produce a spellbinding experience that takes listeners to a place of unadulterated sincerity.

When asked about her Journey Instruments guitars, Lauren had this to say:

“My Journey guitars have easily been the spotlight of every trip I’ve taken. Whether I’m by the sea, on campgrounds, grassy picnic fields, or even beside the ski slopes, Journey’s compact-able instruments always find their place in my travel plans.

As a singer-songwriter, it’s always been important to me to keep my creativity flowing even throughout my travels, and Journey Instruments has easily made that possible, while keeping me constantly inspired. I can’t wait to keep on enjoying the journey with Journey!”

Learn more about Lauren and her music right here!

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