Solid-Wood Burst Travel Guitars Ready For NAMM: Solid Sitka/Rosewood
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Our limited run of hand-crafted vintage sunburst Overhead acoustic travel guitars are coming out for the NAMM show in January and they’re nothing short of phenomenal! See the images below of our solid sitka top with solid Indian rosewood back and sides. The guitar is a beauty and the sound is awesome. The volume is what you’d expect out of a luthier-made orchestra model and the tone is stellar, great bass and sparkling trebles. This baby will delight any guitarist in terms of tone, volume, travel-friendliness and playability. If you’re coming to NAMM stop by and give ‘er a go!

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  • I have been waiting for word on the carbon fiber travel guitar. LA guitars is the only web site I have found that even lists any of your instruments but no one will e-mail me back. I am holding out for this one. Let me know.

    James R Weeks Jr

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