OF660 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Review From Sanjuro On AGF
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Special Thanks to Sanjuro on the Acoustic Guitar Forum for a great review on our collapsible carbon fiber travel guitar. While we’re convinced we have the best travel guitar on the planet, it’s just cool to see others think so as well! Below is an excerpt of the review, for the full review and comments from other guitarists, please check here: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4170745

“The first thing I noticed when I pulled the guitar out of the box and backpack is that this is truly a compact and lightweight guitar! Journey uses an ingeniously designed system that allows the neck to easily be completely removed from the body, and then it can be packed up into the custom backpack. The backpack was designed to fit in all the major airlines overhead bin compartments. Attaching the neck back onto the body is an easy and quick process. There are lips on the body and neck that mate up, which allows the neck to be rolled into position. And then as you move the neck into position on the body it is locked/clicked into place. At this point the neck is held into position and then you can use the knob on the back of the body to screw the neck into it’s final position. The neck and body securely become one. The whole system is awesome, it’s so easy to install/uninstall the neck, and the hardware is all heavy duty and high quality stainless steel so I don’t think durability will ever be an issue. Compared to the Voyage-Air system, I definitely prefer Journey’s design.
Now on to the sound. WOW! For such a compact guitar this thing really sings. Excellent balance and deep bass. Volume is much louder than I was ever expecting. Compared to every other travel guitar that I have played, the OF660 is easily the best sounding and certainly the loudest. The guitar has a number of features that I believe contributes to the excellent sound. The Manzer Wedge and the offset sound hole both live up the hype and help to magnify the sound output. The soundboard is maximized for the size and the carbon fiber allows it to be very thin, which in turn allows the sound to reverberate throughout.”

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