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I played some carbon fiber guitars about five years ago. I like the idea of CF as a guitar material- humidifying in the winter, keeping the guitar from sitting in my car in the summer, worrying about splashed water at the beach, worrying about them during air travel, and all the other issues related to wood as a guitar material have always been a problem. Wood is a fragile material, and there are lots of times when you want a guitar that isn’t fragile. But I like the sound of wood, and most of the CF guitars I have played were tinny sounding, or (the small ones ) were so quiet that I couldn’t hear what I was playing. I do like the slick feel of a CF neck, but that isn’t all you need in an instrument.

Stan Davis

And I’ve wanted a small travel guitar for some time, but none of the ones I have tried- wood or CF- sounded good. Many of them had such short necks that I couldn’t play them well. And one brand of folding guitar goes into a case that won’t go in many airplane overhead compartments.
So when I read reviews of the Journey OF660 I was guardedly optimistic. If they were true, this would be a good sounding instrument, cheaper than many CF instruments, that would fit in an airplane overhead. It would have the resistance to temperature and humidity and spills and other hazards that comes with Carbon Fiber. And with a full-size neck, I could enjoy playing it. I ordered one from lightspeed music because they take returns with no cost except my shipping to them- I wasn’t sure this thing would live up to the ad copy. Living up to their name, they shipped it out right away.
What I got was a regulation sized airplane carry-on suitcase with a real instrument in it. When I put the neck on the body and started playing, I immediately got the feeling and sound of an old small-body Gibson. This instrument can sing and growl. It has real bass and sweet treble. The offset soundhole delivers  sound to the player as well as the listener- and for me I mostly will play this for myself and a few others. The pickup- like many passive pickups-  needs chorus and reverb and some EQ to sound good to me, but then it does. And there is an added bonus about this instrument that I did not expect. It has very wide dynamic range. It can be moderately loud -we are not talking Dreadnaught volume, but I don’t play those anyway. But it can be QUIET when played, and still beautiful and responsive- quieter than any of my wood guitars. Since I live with a nonmusician, this is a great asset to us- when I want to, I can play without disrupting my partner’s concentration. What a great instrument!
Highly recommended.
Stan Davis

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