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(by Adam Perlmutter)
— At just 18 inches long and 12.5 inches wide, it’s a real enigma. At first, it’s hard to see how this guitar—whose neck dangles precariously from the body, hanging on by its six strings only—can be used to make music without the services of a repair expert. But snap the neck into its pocket andvoila!—the guitar is ready to play. Amazingly, it’s even in tune. What’s more, it has a robust and well-balanced sound that belies its compact body.
Small Wonder
Given this guitar’s diminutive size, it seems only natural to first give it a workout on some fingerpicking. Played with basic Travis picking and country-blues patterns, the OF-420 has a snappy sound with a clear treble matched by an ample bass response. The instrument has a surprising amount of headroom and responds well to the nuances of picking in a normal tuning as well as a slackened tuning like DADGAD.
– See more at: http://www.acousticguitar.com/Gear/Reviews/Journey-Instruments-OF-420

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