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Date: May 25, 2018

Journey Instruments cares about the privacy of our customers and fans, so we do our best to be sensitive and responsible when gathering Personal Information and to protect your privacy. Though not a contractual agreement, our Privacy Policy lays out our guidelines on how we manage and protect your Personal Information. This policy describes the information we collect, how it’s used and shared with others, and how we keep it secure. This policy is applicable to all users of our website as well as customers who’ve purchased products, registered products, made inquiries, or provided us with any Personal Information whatsoever. We may update this policy from time to time – and if we do we’ll notify all subscribed persons via email and provide an effective date for any changes in policy.

Information collection

Whenever you provide us with your information, we collect and maintain it with your privacy as a core concern. Here are the types of information we collect:

  • Personally Identifiable information such as name, gender, nationality.
  • Contact information such as address, email address and phone numbers
  • Payment information such as credit or paypal information, including the name of cardholder, card number, card issuing bank, card issuing country, card expiry date as well as banking account details if relevant;
  • Technical information such as IP addresses.

Minors* Under 18 Years Old

Journey Instruments cannot discern the age of visitors on our Website, so If you are a legal guardian of someone under 18 years old who has provided us his/her Personal Information without your knowledge and consent, you may request that we remove such information by contacting us.

If you are a minor, we require that you do not provide us with your Personal Information, but rather have your legal guardian or parent enter this information. Should we find that a minor has submitted his information without parental consent, we will remove any and all information.

* Note that the age of minors for residents in Japan is under 20 years old.

Data Breach

Though our data is securely encrypted according to SSL security standards, we will notify all parties within 72 hours should any data breech occur.


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We primarily use cookies for Analytics and Content/Advertizing. For Analytics, cookies collect information about how you use our site and which pages you visit, enter, exit, etc… We use them to provide you a quality experience by tracking page loads, site response times, and error messages. For Content/Advertising, cookies may collect information and provide you with more relevant content and advertising. They may be used to remember your visit and help us understand how our site is used. We may use some 3rd party cookies to collect information about users s in order to provide advertising based on users’ online activities that may appear on our services and elsewhere online. The 3rd parties we cooperate with are MailChimp and Google, which also compliant with GDPR.

Use of Information

Your Personal Information is primarily used for administrative purposes to process transactions or following up on requests for products or services. This information is usually provided to us through our web forms, email, or phone call. We also use Personal Information to notify you of promotions, new products and services, investigate claims and inquiries, handle warranty claims and returns, statistical and marketing analysis, and assist us in providing you an optimal user experience.

If you have agreed to sign up to our email list, your Personal Information will also be used to send you an email update that usually includes things such as product demos, new product announcements, contests, giveaways, and upcoming events. Every email will include an option to unsubscribe or opt out of further communication on any direct marketing communication sent to you. You may also opt out by notifying us with this form.

Sharing of Information

Journey Instruments does not sell or rent any of your Personal Information on our Website to any other parties.

We may process and disclose your Personal Information with third parties, such as credit card processing and verification providers, data analytics, parties which have business or contractual dealings with Journey Instruments – such as courier companies, Customs bureaus, as well as other third parties who are able to demonstrate that you have explicitly consented to the disclosure of your Personal Information by us to such third party.

Your Personal Information may also be disclosed or transferred to a customer service representative or staff who will use this information for the purpose of processing an order or providing you with a service.

If required by law, we will disclose your Personal Information to the government authorities or third parties pursuant to a subpoena.

In the circumstances set out in this Privacy Policy where AirAsia shares your Personal Information to a third party, we will ensure that the security measures that such party has in place in relation to the processing of your data are at least as stringent as those employed by AirAsia if not better. This does not apply where we are required by law to pass your information to a third party.

Should we go through something like a merger, acquisition, or a sale of part or all of our assets, your information will likely be transferred to the new entity or structure, though we are confident GDPR compliance will be maintained.

Data Storage

All of our data systems are managed with an encrypted web-based platform on servers based in Hong Kong. However, we may transfer and store your Personal Information on our private servers or computers located in our Xiamen or Austin Offices. Such transfers will only be conducted if necessary to facilitate transactions or services to serve you as a customer. We will secure storage in compliance with GDPR and USA in the following manners:

  • Anyone who has access to stored data must be registered.
  • Access to data will be limited based on strict necessity, and all employees will follow policy to protect user and customer confidentiality.
  • Third parties and staff will not be allowed to migrate Personal Information to a removable device or data storage service without written consent from senior management.
  • Physical security procedures will be in place and routinely evaluated.
  • Third parties who assist us in managing user data (as mentioned above) will also maintain compliance.
  • Proper records of access and transfer of Personal Information.
  • Awareness programs will be held to educate employees on our duty and policies to protect Personal Information.
Your Consent

Journey Instruments or any third party providers we use will obtain your consent to collect and use your Personal Information at the time of collection. Journey Instruments will implement an ‘opt-in’ policy to obtain your express written consent when collecting your Personal Information – this consent may be in the form of asking you to sign a form or check a box on a form.

You may submit a request at any time for us to withdrawal your consent of the collection and use of your Personal Information by filling out this form.

Access to and Edits of Your Personal Information

You may request a data packet of your Personal Information at any time using this form, which we will provide you within 24 hours. You may review this information and give us corrections or request for us to remove your data at any time. We will remove or modify data within 24 hours of request.

Links To Other Sites

We have links on our website to other third party sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these other sites, so we encourage you to read the privacy policies of each of these other sites.


When you sign up ore request to be on our email list, you agree for us to contact you via email to inform you of our latest news, updates, products and services. If you do not wish to remain a subscriber, you may click “unsubscribe” from any newsletter you received or request to be removed through this form.

Contact information

For any inquiries regarding the handling of your Personal Information, please contact our Compliance Officer via email at

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