First Class Collapsible Wood Guitars
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Hand-Made with Premium Sustainable Woods

The First Class™ premium acoustic travel guitar is hand-made premium woods and solid top/back construction. We use woods that are CITES compliant and sustainably cultivated including North American Sitka, real African Mahogany, Ovangkal, and Pau Ferro Rosewood. We use real Mahogany for our necks and supporting structures, and these travel guitars even come standard with Ebony bridge pins.


The First Class™ acoustic travel guitars are some of the most ergonomic acoustic guitars you’ll ever encounter. The Manzer© wedge angles the guitar to allow the weight of your fretting arm to naturally add pressure to the fretboard, so it reduces stress on your wrist. The resulting angle also creates a more comfortable strumming angle for your strumming arm, thus alleviating shoulder strain and fatigue.

In addition to the wedge, all First Class™ travel guitars come with beveled arm wrests for amazing comfort and playability.

Scale and Playability

First Class™ acoustic travel guitars feature full size scales usually 24.5 inches, 25.5 inches, or 650mm so playability is identical to their traditional guitar design. Steel string models feature a shallow C neck shape make in either 1.75 inch (44.5 mm) or 1 11/16 (43 mm) nut width. The Classical Torres travel guitar neck is a standard 2 inches (52mm.)

Patented Removable Neck Design

Our improved carbon fiber reinforced quick-assembly mechanism enables assembly or removal of the neck in less than 20 seconds, as well as fine-tuning of the neck angle. This means you can assemble the guitar in a snap for finger style playing, and then change your action for heavy strumming with a simple twist of the knob on the back! This is a huge advantage for guitarists who play multiple styles and need a variety of string setups.

Premium Appointments

First Class™ collapsible acoustic travel guitars feature premium appointments found in much higher-end guitars as well. We use either Grover 18:1 precision tuners, or our own proprietary 1:21 precision tuners. Authentic bone nuts and saddles, ebony bridge pins, gloss finish, and Elixir® coated phosphor bronze strings help make for a traditional warm and balanced acoustic tone.


Tone was one of the main considerations when we designed all of our First Class™ collapsible acoustic travel guitars. The solid top and back tonewoods, mahogany neck, block, and even bridge, and even fretboard and appointment materials are all orchestrated to bring you an amazing full-sounding tone in an amazingly small and comfortable package. When amplified with our passive piezo pickup system, the First Class™ acoustic travel guitars sound like a full sized guitar on the stage.


We install our exclusive upgradeable JourneyTek™ proprietary passive piezo pickups in our Overhead™ collapsible travel guitars. Engineered to be maintenance-free with high-output German made piezo elements, these are balanced and battery-free, and create a transparent representation of these amazing sounding travel guitars. Moreover, for guitarists who need more control, our newest installed EP001K pickups are easily upgradeable to our EPS001-15 within minutes - and with no need for tools.

The Travel Case

Our Patented First Class™ collapsible travel guitar roller cases bring your travel guitar experience to a whole new level. These cases feature nylon wheels, retractable aluminum handles, and other premium materials and can accommodate multiple pedals, cables, laptops, tablets, and other accessories. The foam lining is even removable so you can replace it with clothes to maximize storage capability!

Once you travel with a First Class™ collapsible acoustic travel guitar, you’ll never settle for another travel guitar again… and you might not settle for any other guitar either. ;)

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