Premium Travel Guitar
  • RoadTrip Pro RT421


    Professional Travel Guitar: All-Solid Sitka Pau Ferro w Scoop & Bevel

    The RT421 RoadTrip Pro is a professional-grade fixed-neck travel guitar that’s designed with all solid woods and premium features like and arm bevel and scoopaway to suit the needs of acoustic guitarists who want the biggest sound, fullest tone, and highest comfort possible in a travel-sized guitar. With an overall length of about 36 inches and a lower bout width of under 14.5 inches, the RoadTripTM boasts a longer relative scale length of 24.5 inches and an expanded Manzer wedge © body design with highly scalloped forward-shifted X-bracing.  The result is a guitar that travels small yet sounds ginormous with awesome bass response and sweet trebles! The string spacing is 1 ¾ at the nut and 2 ¼ at the saddle, so it feels and plays like a full-sized guitar.


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