Carbon Matte Fretless Travel Bass – OB660FM

Carbon Matte Fretless Travel Bass – OB660FM

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The black matte fretless carbon fiber overhead collapsible acoustic travel bass delivers the tone of an upright bass and the volume of a full-size acoustic bass, yet collapses to carry-on size of 22*14*9 inches! It assembles in 20 seconds with our patented detachable neck system, and our patented soundboard technology and all-carbon construction create a durable instrument with massive tone. Round wound PB strings, a 27 inch scale, best-in-class components, and a wedged ergonomic design make this the most enjoyable acoustic bass you’ll ever play! Tri-piezo pickup and a full-featured TSA compliant carry-on backpack included.

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Davie 505 Plays “Under the Bridge” under a bridge with the OB660P1

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Designed for Travel

  • The Overhead travel guitar uses a patented collapsible neck system which allows for assembly/disassembly in a matter of seconds. [View Youtube Video]
  • After packing in its travel backpack the Overhead travel guitar can be carried-on to most major airlines, easily fitting in the overhead bin compartment.
  • Travel backpack includes a TSA compliant laptop tablet fold-out panel which can be scanned by airport security without having to separately remove laptop.
  • Proprietary under-bridge transducer pickup system accurately amplifies the guitar and comes with all Overhead guitars.

Full Tone in a Travel Body

  • The wedge design gives a lower shoulder/bout depth that’s deeper than a dreadnought, allowing the smaller body size to deliver great volume and booming bass.
  • Bone nut, compensated bone saddle, and ebony bridge pins all help produce the tone preferred by acoustic guitarists.
  • Offset sound-hole design maximizes the resonance and volume of the soundboard and proprietary bracing and layup structure produce a spectacular tone for such a compact instrument.

Comfortable to Play

  • The wedge design angles the guitar into your body which places the guitar in a comfortable position for fingerboard access and viewing.
  • The dual-action steel truss-rod enables fine tuning of relief to suit any playing style.
  • Satin-finish low-c profile neck make this 27 inch scale super comfortable to play.
  • Scoop-away™ design gives full access to all 17 frets, yet maximizes inner air volume of the instrument for maximum acoustical volume.

Guitar Specifications

Proprietary Body Design:
Stylized 00 body shape
Mid-position offset sound hole for maximum resonance
Scoopaway™ for access to all 17 frets while maintaining maximum volume
Beveled back for maximum playing comfort
Wedge design for increased volume, comfort and efficiency
Beveled soundboard armrest for maximum comfort

The Manzer Wedge

Unidirectional carbon fiber with proprietary carbon fiber bracing

Back and Sides:
Fiberglass reinforced carbon fiber

MOP logo and position markings

27 in (685.8 mm)

High gloss polyurethane

Carbon Fiber, high break-angle

Grover®  18:1 or Journey Precision Tuners



Included JourneyTek™ under-bridge passive 3-piezo transducer pickup system delivers accurate and clear amplification for any PA system or amp.


Removable Neck Assembly:
Stainless steel load-bearing components
Push-button release latch under neck
Large adjustment knob on back

Carbon fiber reinforced traditional C shape with two-way adjustable truss rod
Deep-slotted bone nut
Neck width at nut: 1 ¾ in (44.5 mm)
Neck width at 12th fret: 2.2 in (56 mm)
14 Frets to body
17 Frets total

Fret Board:
16 inch Radius, Carbon Fiber
Medium brass fret wire

String Spacing:
2 ¼ in (>57.2mm)
Compensated bone saddle

D’Addario Chromes Bass, Light, 45-100, Short Scale

Guitar Dimensions and Weights:
Weight: 4.1 lbs (1.9kg)
Weight With Case: 7.6 lbs (3.5kg)
Maximum depth: 4.64 in (11.8cm)
Minimum Depth: 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
Body Length: 18 in (45.7cm)
Total Length: 35.5 in (90cm)
Lower Bout Width: 12.5 in (31.8 cm)
Maximum Case Dimensions: L*W*H: 22*14*10 in (55.9*35.5* 22.9 cm)

Travel Backpack Specifications

Tech Travel Ready:
TSA compliant 14-inch computer compartment for optimal airport security inspection
Easy-access tablet pocket for up to 9.5 inch tablet devices

All- Premium Material Construction:
Extra-durable Ballistic Nylon external case with premium nylon and velour lining
Extra-padded Body compartment with premium velour
Internally-accessible padded neck compartment with premium velour and string slot
Padded string panel with strings positioning tab
Padded Top and Side handles

Extra Compartments for Your Journey:
Internal/externally accessible compartment for accessories
Additional external topside pocket for additional accessories
Additional elastic pockets in computer compartment
Hideaway, reinforced padded backpack straps with padded back

Maximum Case Dimensions: L*W*H: 22*14*9 in ( 55.9*35.5* 22.9 cm)


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Independent Reviews

Customer reviews

Bass Gear Magazine: BEST IN SHOW NAMM/17

Journey Instruments specializes in travel-ready acoustic stringed instruments, including ukuleles, fixed-neck guitars and collapsible-neck guitars and basses. We were wowed by the collapsible-neck OB660 “Overhead” carbon fiber bass guitar back at the 2017 NAMM Show. In fact, this bass won a Bass summer NAMM show badgeGear Magazine Best of Show Award that year. We were initially impressed that such a small, compact acoustic bass guitar could be not only very playable, but very loud! And when they showed us how the neck comes off and stows away for transport so quickly, our heads were spinning!


Bass Player Magazine Review:

Whether a frequent-flyer business professional, or a traveling artist, now the hassle of traveling with a great sounding bass guitar on an airplane is completely eliminated. The TSA-approved travel case safely encloses the bass guitar within 22” x 14” x 9” backpack with ergonomically designed pockets for laptops, tablet computers, pedals, cables, accessories, and clothing. Practically everything needed for a business trip or live performance can fit within the overhead bin requirements. No more anxiety about
checking-in, carry-on, extra luggage costs, or lost and damaged checked instruments. Also referred to as the ‘Ultimate, Indestructible Travel Bass Guitar’,


No Treble Review:

Journey Instruments has expanded their line of collapsible carbon fiber instruments with its first bass, called the OB660 Overhead Carbon Fiber Acoustic Bass. The bass has a compact design with a removable neck that allows for it to be folded up and fitted into an airplane’s overhead compartment.

“The TSA-approved travel case safely encloses the bass guitar within 22″ x 14″ x 9″ backpack with ergonomically designed pockets for laptops, tablet computers, pedals, cables, accessories, and clothing,” Journey states. “Practically everything needed for a business trip or live performance can fit within the overhead bin requirements.”

The body’s design includes ergonomic contours as well as a Manzer wedge and scooped cutaway to increase air volume while keeping the top of the bass close to your body. It has a unidirectional carbon fiber radiused soundboard with an under-the-bridge transducer for a pickup. Other features include a 27-inch scale, Grover tuners, and premium-grade bone nut & saddle with ebony bridge pins.


Premier Guitar Review:

While not exactly mainstream, an instrument built with carbon fiber isn’t such an out-there thing any longer. Take, for instance, Journey Instruments’ OB660 acoustic bass guitar. It’s a sharp looking 4-string that brings all the benefits of carbon-fiber construction to a compact bass. And the neck joint also disengages to transform this svelte number into a supremely efficient travel companion.

Form meets function with a Manzer Wedge-inspired body that’s tapered for playing comfort, a soundboard armrest, and a “Scoopaway” cutaway that eases access to the upper frets. The offset abstract-geometric soundhole is another nice touch, and all those elements contribute to the “could see it hanging at MOMA” vibe.

Locking the removable neck into place is a 10-second breeze.


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