Passive Soundhole Volume Wheel-EPA01

Passive Soundhole Volume Wheel-EPA01

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Passive volume wheel add-on for all upgradable JourneyTek passive pickups. This volume wheel installs within seconds to most of our upgradable JourneyTek passive piezo pickup units. It’s maintenance free, passive, and super easy to install.

NOTE:  YOU MUST HAVE AN UPGRADABLE EP001K OR HAVE AN UPGRADEABLE JOURNEYTEK PICKUP ALREADY INSTALLED TO USE THIS VOLUME WHEEL. If you have an older model pickup, you’ll need to purchase a newer EP001K and install it to upgrade. Click HERE to learn how to tell if your existing pickup is upgradeable.

In stock (can be backordered)

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An easy to install add-on module for all newer passive pickups sold by Journey Instruments (EPOO1K, EPOO2K, EPOO3K & EP004K).  You must have the latest pickup with the 2.5mm jack (see step 1) in order to utilize the volume control knob.

Quick Installation Instructions:
(After loosening your strings on a fixed neck guitar, or removing the neck of your collapsible guitar)
1. Remove the 2.5mm male connector from the piezo elements from the instrument’s output jack.
2. Insert the 2.5mm male connector into the female receiving socket on the side of the EPA01 passive volume wheel.
3. Position the EPA01 passive volume wheel around your instrument’s soundhole so that the connectors do not press or bend against the bracing.

4. Insert the 2.5mm male connector at the end of the wire coming from the EPA01 passive volume wheel into the female receiving socket on the back of the output jack connector.
5. Plug the guitar into an amp, turn the amp on, then test the signal to the amplifier. You can do this by tapping on the soundboard and turning the wheel to adjust the volume. Unplug the cable and turn off the amp when done.
6. Remove the adhesive and adhere the EPA01 passive volume wheel at the tested location. Secure the loose wire to the side of the guitar. (on the same side you installed the volume wheel)
7. Re-attach the neck or tighten your strings and enjoy your maintenance-free passive volume control.

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions2 × 1 × 1 in

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