Recent OF660 Collapsible Carbon Testimonials
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These days we’ve gotten quite a few encouraging emails from guitarists who purchased the Overhead™ OF660 collapsible carbon fiber travel guitar – so cool to see other artists are as pumped about this guitar as we are. 😉
“I purchased a OF660 from Tim Muir at Jackalope Instruments in Alberta, Canada. Received it Christmas Eve and am so pleased with it! The sound is incredibly good for such a small size and the portability is fantastic. I will be taking it to Cuba with me, end of January and am so glad I won’t have to practice /play on a “toy” guitar. Thks so much for your help with this and Thks to Journey for such a fine instrument!” – Bryan Shimidt – Jan 2016
“To say I am stunned by every aspect of this would be an understatement. I already sold one to my partner in music and will be hauling it around Europe this spring. I should become a sales rep! I’m not famous but I’m good and been playing over 50 years. 2 Instrumental CD’s.I play a lot of solo and duo gigs around here in tasting rooms and events. I live in Napa Ca wine country. My wife is a French winemaker. Life is good and now its better without the fear of transporting irreplaceable instruments.  Formerly played with Ike and Tina, Bobby Womack, Commander Cody being the most notable…The 2 bridge saddles are an excellent touch…This guitar does well in all open tunings down to c. Killer bottom that competes or exceeds a $5K Martin I have as my main guitar. Well done! Happy, healthy, prosperous 2016 to you and yours.” – Larry Otis – Jan 2016

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