Review by Bob Kilpatrick in Worship Musician Magazine
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“I’ve taken my Journey guitar (which I got shortly after meeting Rob) on many flights since October, on big planes and tiny commuters, and have always found room for it in the overhead bin, even with my iPad, Bible, a couple other books and other miscellany packed in its pouches…
The nylon case is remarkably ingenious (a design marvel) and made of high quality materials. Besides the main compartment for the body of the guitar and the zippered pouch for the neck there are three other zippered pouches. One is padded and sized to fit an iPad or laptop, and folds open to comply with TSA regulations. You won’t have to take it out of the case to pass security. There is also a separate zippered access to a space above the body of the guitar, perfectly sized for a strap and a few other guitar tools. It has a handle on top and another on one side. It also has shoulder straps that hide away easily when you don’t want to use them…
The body of the guitar is small, about the size of a double ought or parlor guitar. Through the use of what’s called a Manzer wedge, the top is cantilevered, so it is deeper on one side than a dreadnought, which gives it plenty of solid bass and low mids as well as crisp highs. The tone is well balanced.
All Journey guitars come with a proprietary under saddle transducer pickup. I am really picky about pickups. To be frank, I judge all of them by what I consider to be the gold standard of acoustic pickups- anything by Lloyd Baggs. I don’t know how Rob did it but he captured that woody but clean sound I look for- the strong, tight bass and clear high notes with the punch and sound of a microphone- and no feedback issues.”
– Excerpt from Review by Bob Kilpatrick in Worship Musician Magazine

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