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“I just think these guys have perfected the design. It is a Travel guitar that really makes travel easy and sensible. I don’t know about you, but the travel guitars that are out there are…can I say it…mostly under-performers…ie: sound bad, difficult to handle and manage, etc, etc… …A BIG sounding guitar in a small transportable package. And if the guitar isn’t cool enough, check out the carry bag for it…in a word…ingenious. It even has a built in under-saddle pick-up which sounds really great plugged in… …Albeit my tastes are considerable spoiled by my current “stable” of some of the best guitars out there (McPherson, Bourgeois, etc), this little baby sounds really great. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t make a guitar that costs less than a grand sound like one that costs 6-7 grand, but it simply blows away every other travel guitar on the planet, and without a doubt is very satisfying to play. I love to play it in DADGAD. When you add all of the features of this guitar combined with the portability aspects, it is a winning combination. …

– by Woody on the Acoustic Guitar Forum

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