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We’re back from our first NAMM since January 2020, in the Before Times, and what a time it was! All of our research ahead of time suggested that it would be a slow show, a dead show, a show with a severe lack of show goers. We were pleasantly surprised, however! The halls were filled to the brim with artists, dealers, and media folks all hungry to get the scoop on the latest musical releases. Of course, we had our own to bring, including the exciting addition of a collapsible electric bass. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

The OE990 Overhead Electric has been officially out of pre-orders for just under a month now, but we’re still having a hard time keeping up with demand — especially on those blue and cherry red colors! You folks really like those. Thankfully, we had some to share at the show so people could finally get their hands on them and we were very pleased with the feedback.

The really new product we had to show, however, was so new that it’s not even out yet: our Overhead Electric Bass guitar! A collapsible electric bass; the younger brother of our collapsible acoustic bass. Check it out in the quick video below:

Though it’s still early in development, we’re really excited to bring our very first collapsible electric bass to you guys as soon as possible. We had the great opportunity to show it to lots of bassists while we were at NAMM and we got a bunch of positive feedback, so we’re confident that we already have a great instrument on our hands that you guys will love. One final bit of info: It’ll have the option to swap out the fretted neck for a fretless neck!

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