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Join in the OF660 Giveaway at Acoustic Guitar Magazine!

Just in time for the Holidays! We’re offering the coolest give-away a traveling guitarist could imagine! Some fortuitous guitarist may get the coolest holiday gift of all – an OF660 carbon fiber travel guitar! ImagineĀ  – not only can you lead a gaggle of carolers through the snow this Holiday Season, but you may just as easy fly to the Caribbean and jam Bob Marley tunes on a beautiful beach! … and yes, it comes with the most awesomest Overhead travel case as well. šŸ˜‰ Giveaway closes on December 10, 2014 so enter now! Enter Here:

Overhead Review by Acoustic guitar Magazine

Given this guitarā€™s diminutive size, it seems only natural to first give it a workout on some fingerpicking. Played with basic Travis picking and country-blues patterns, the OF-420 has a snappy sound with a clear treble matched by an ample bass response. The instrument has a surprising amount of headroom and responds well to the nuances of picking in a normal tuning as well as a slackened tuning like DADGAD.

Eric McKenna Spreng's Overhead® Camping Adventures

Journey InstrumentsĀ®Ā  Sponsored Artist Eric McKenna Spreng has been on a few outdoor trips this year with his Overheadā„¢ acoustic travel guitar, and we’re amazed at the places he’s been! Arches National Park,Ā  Canyonlands National Park, UtahCarmel… Eric told meĀ  “at the White Rim, a four day, 120 mile, vehicle- supported mountain bike ride in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.Ā Ā  Appearing in some is Garrett Delavan, a singer-songwriter with a Martin Backpacker. No comparison between the two guitars, btw.Ā  Tone, volume, play-ability, ergonomics, the Journey blows away the Martin. After I let Garrett try out the Overhead, he wouldn’t give it…

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