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See our new travel guitars at NAMM '16

Stop by and see us at NAMM in Booth# 1633 (Hall E) on Jan 21-14 2016 in Anaheim and check out our SWEET new products including: our NEW colored Overhead collapsible carbon fiber guitars a new COLLAPSIBLE bass guitar! our new RoadTrip Pro models with bevels and scoops a few limited run models. 🙂 Stay tuned for news on performances by our sponsored artists. 🙂 Here’s a link to our booth:

BOKE Stops by our Xiamen Workshop

A few months back, I heard that one of our first pearl-topped carbon fiber collapsible travel guitars (OF660W1) was purchased by a gentleman, an artist who goes by the stage name name BOKE, for a trip he was taking to Shanghai – where he was going to the Taylor Swift concert. I invited him to swing by Xaimen and visit our workshop. Who’d have thought he’d take me up on my offer! We had a great lunch together, he swung by the workshop for a tour, and I set him up for fun day at a quaint tourist islet – Gulangyu.…

OF660 Review by Stan Davis

I played some carbon fiber guitars about five years ago. I like the idea of CF as a guitar material- humidifying in the winter, keeping the guitar from sitting in my car in the summer, worrying about splashed water at the beach, worrying about them during air travel, and all the other issues related to wood as a guitar material have always been a problem. Wood is a fragile material, and there are lots of times when you want a guitar that isn’t fragile. But I like the sound of wood, and most of the CF guitars I have played…

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