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Review on OF660

Right out the bag, I put the neck on and was shocked that the thing was almost still in tune (we’re talking 1/4 step sharp on 4 strings) !!! The neck is much wider than most of the travel/parlors I’ve been playing lately but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those that want a full feel or fingerpick. Think…

Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Jackson is an eclectic musician who uses her guitar to express heartfelt melodies from a variety of genres. At the offset of each performance, she engages the audience with her love of music displayed in her unique, captivating sound. Born & raised in Memphis, TN, where her mother sang opera and taught piano lessons in the home, Stephanie started…

Paul Doffing

He’s traveling the world with his partner Jen and holding performances along the way. His unique tour has created a reason to hold perforances in non-traditional spaces, including outdoor shows at farms, in houses, in city squares, and even at a rural apiary near Lake Superior.

Maneli Jamal

Award winning guitarist Maneli Jamal has wowed audiences around the world with his visual style of playing acoustic guitar. He incorporates many musical textures in his performances while keeping rhythm with his two hands but you’ll swear he has a trio with him. You’ve got to visually see him live to experience what you thought is possible with the acoustic…

Kyle Horn

Kyle Horn, an eastern Long Island native, has been playing the guitar for almost 12 years. He began by teaching himself electric guitar licks from his favorite bands, such as Metallica and Tool. Soon enough, he started writing his own power-chord-infused riffs, recording them onto CDs and playing them back through a stereo in the basement while he jammed on…

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