Why are Journey Instruments guitars heavier than normal acoustic guitars?

Because our guitars are engineered to collapse we over-engineer the latch mechanism with stainless steel components. This adds weight to the areas of attachment in the neck and body. Additionally, for acoustic guitars, we need to reinforce the block area by 3-4 times that of a normal acoustic neck block. While our guitars are a bit heavier, because they’re “over…

My neck is not latching on to the latch mechanism when I press it into place.

If your neck is not latching into position before twisting the bolt to fully tighten, first try the instructions here to make sure you’re pressing the neck properly into place against the body: https://journeyinstruments.com/journey-overhead-assembly-instructions/ If the latch catch is not attaching to the neck mechanism, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend the latch catch in the neck closer…

Can I used double-sided tape to affix the piezo pickups?

We recommend only using cyanoacrylate adhesives in liquid or gell form – like super glue, super glue gel, gorilla glue, or other quality cyanoacrylate adhesives. These form a solid and transparent bond between the piezo element and the soundboard, resulting in an accurate representation of your guitar’s sound. Any soft intermediate layer added between the bridge plate and the piezo…

Do I need to detune my guitar before disassembling it?

For our collapsible steelstring acoustic and electric guitars, there’s no need to detune before disassembly or assembly. However, for nylon stringed guitars (like OC660M or OC520), we recommend you tune down at least two semitones so that the tension is reduced before disassembly. This increases string life and reduces unnecessary wear on the nylon strings where they contact the nut…

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