How should I store (or keep) my collapsible guitar?

You can keep your Journey Instruments collapsible guitar either packed away in its case or assembled.

For our wood guitars, you should keep your guitar stored in moderate temperatures and humidity levels. (Humidity 40%-60% and Temperatures between 65-80 Fahrenheit (18-27 Centigrade). If you have big swings in temperature and humidity (over 15 degrees or 15%) wood guitars will expand or contract accordingly. This is common for all wood guitars. This means in big variances in temperature and humidity you will likely need to adjust your truss rod and saddle. (Additionally, if you’ve assembled your collapsible wood guitar before a significant rise in humidity, you will likely find the bolt to be very tight if you disassemble your guitar in the higher humidity level.)

For our collapsible carbon guitars, you can keep them fully assembled or disassembled with very little change. As these are entirely carbon fiber, they are extremely stable and can handle most any temperature or humidity swing without any noticeable change. However, we recommend against keeping your guitar in extremely hot environments for a prolonged period of time.

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