How do I remove existing under-bridge piezos from earlier pickup versions?

Our newer EP001K passive pickup is not only upgradable, but it uses an improved German-made Piezo element that sounds phenomenal and is compatible with the new dual-source active modules EPS001-05K for normal sound hole steel string guitars and the EPS001-15 for our OF660 offset sound hole guitars.

If you need to remove our previous pickups, we recommend you use a razor blade scraper tool, or a putty knife with a 2-4cm flat edge.

Simply pull down on the wires leading to the piezo elements and use the scraper or putty knife to slowly unwedge the piezo. GO SLOW. Don’t be in a hurry. If you do not bend the elements you should be able to use them with another instrument if you wish.

After you remove the piezos, take a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and make sure the surface is nice and smooth for affixing the new pickups.

Category: 4. Electronics FAQ

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