Which Nylon String/Classical Journey Guitar is Best for Me?

Here’s a concise overview of our collapsible classical guitars and their main differences:

  • OC520 – solid top only, matte with sound port, full scale, backpack case that fits on all airlines, even prop jobs. 80% of a full-sized classical sound.
  • OC522 – same as OC520 but with solid top and back. 90% of a full-sized classical guitar sound with great sustain.
  • FC522 – solid top/back, all gloss, standard Torres size, full scale (not short scale like the one he demoed), figured binding, arm bevel, gold tuners, and a roller case. Fits in most airlines, but maybe not smaller pro-jobs. I’ve compared this to $2000 Alhambra and Yamaha classical and it sounds just as good and way more comfortable.
  • FC522LTD – same as FC522 but with the figured American Redwood top.
  • OC660M – All carbon fiber with no truss rod, same body format as our OF660M, and same scale as our OC520 but with a narrower nut.
  • JC520 – our budget travel classical guitar with standard classical scale and nut width, solid top, wedged body.

Here’s a good summary of which models are best for which purposes:

  • If you want this for just a nice holiday guitar – go for the OC520.
  • If you want it for lots of travel and like best tone with no risk – go for OC522.
  • If you want a guitar that travels great with wheeled-carry-on, and sounds and plays like a standard classical go for the FC522.
  • If you want premium guitar with the eye candy, go for FC522LTD.
  • If you want a go-anywhere with no-stress classical guitar and don’t mind the narrower nut, go for the OC660M. Sounds great on stage with the passive or add-on active pickup as well.
  • If you want a smaller travel-friendly classical with a narrower nut, try the JC520 Journey Junior – this guitar sounds great for its size, has a full scale, and is super comfy.

All of our classical and nylon gutiars come with our passive piezo system preinstalled.

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