Vote for Journey Instruments at AG Player's Choice Awards
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After our great show at NAMM, we’re bringing on dozens of new dealers and some of the world’s finest acoustic guitarists as sponsored artists! Now we’re aiming to get ranked as the best travel guitar in the 2014 Player’s Choice Awards by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and we could sure use your vote!
To vote for us simply:
1) Visit:
2) You don’t need to fill out every blank, simply click “Next” at the bottom to page 3. Under “Travel Guitar: Category” Select “Journey” and enter “Overhead” as the model, then you can continue to submit.
(If you have time, you can also submit “Journey Overhead” under “Category: Most Innovative New Product” on page 4.)
3) Enter your email address to submit your vote.
Special thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far!
Rob Bailey
Managing Director
Journey Instruments

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