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This is a great travel guitar. I researched the specs on a lot of other travel guitars, tried out many in various guitar shops, and even owned a Little Martin LX1 for a short time prior to selling it. I gave serious attention to Martin, Taylor, Traveler and others during my multi-year search. I wanted a 1.75" nut, and a scale length the same as my Martin 00 and Gibson jumbo so as not to confuse my finger memory, as did my previous Little Martin. In addition, I wanted one to fit in an airline overhead and safely wait for me in an overheated or chilled car. Also, one that would endure severe humidity changes as I travel from south Mississippi to anywhere else. This carbon fiber Journey guitar does all that. And it sounds pretty good, understanding that it's not wooden. Also, the design and quality met and even exceeded my expectations. I'm particularly impressed with how relatively close to tune it stays after reassembly, and how easy it is to wipe down following playing in comparison to my wooden guitars.
Bob from SweetWater
This is not a Dreadnaught.......don't expect a cannon......this is well balanced, clear, and articulate! Unbelievable sustain....this sounds great plugged or unplugged.......and it folds up! Not cheap...but compared to other carbon fiber guitars...a great value! No buyers regret here.
Craig Simoni
Beautifully made, comfortable to play, stays in tune for a week at a time.
Amazon Customer
Wonderful tone. Great for travel.
Kent R. Klein

Kent R. Klein

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