Review and Demo of the JourneyTek Dual Source Pickup

Matt at Zoeter Music loved our regular piezo pickups so much that we decided to send him our new, upgraded dual-source pickups: “It’s been a little while and I have to say that I have been blown away with this new acoustic pickup I have received. Journey Instruments have just released a new pickup to go with their existing EP001 series pickups. After trying this thing out it just absolutely brings my guitar to life! The mic really gives it a natural feeling with low noise and an option to blend and switch to passive. This pickup system is the…

Claire Hawkins on Touring and Performing with a Collapsible Travel Guitar

Claire Hawkins is a super talented singer/songwriter from New York City who is currently living in Ireland. She first reached out to us last year with her idea of a tour consisting of performing at hostels around Europe and has since performed with her Journey Instruments guitar in Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, and the UK. And best of all, she films it so we can go along for the ride with her! We decided to catch up with Claire while we are all in quarantine to see how the experience has gone and how using a collapsible guitar has…

Tech Life Land Best Travel Guitars of 2020

Tech Life Land were kind enough to include us in their Best Travel Guitars of 2020 list! This is part of what they had to say: “If you want to check out a travel guitar that is literally from the future, you need to look into Journey instruments OF660M travel guitar. I mean how many guitars do you know that are made of carbon fiber? Also keep in mind they use this material for hardcore travelers. So just in case if you ever drop your travel guitar, it won’t break in half right away (Like a typical wooden guitar may).”…

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