Martina Armour

Martina Armour is a singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Los Angeles, CA and Gothenburg Sweden. Armed with a captivating and heartfelt folk-pop sound that shines through melancholic lyrics with warm, clear vocals, Martina’s sound is a dynamic blend of some of her greatest inspirations. She weaves together the folk-pop sounds of Fleetwood Mac, the raw emotional depth of Brandi…

Kat Grüvs

Kat Gallardo, known as “katgrüvs,” is riding the new wave of modern fingerstyle guitarists. Covering her heroes such as Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, and Preston Reed in high school, she fell in love and was inspired by the polyphonic sound of open-tuned acoustic guitar. A self-taught artist with a solid sense of time and rhythm, she discovers new ways to…

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