Overhead Collapsible Wood and Carbon Fiber Guitars

OF410 and JF410 by Darrell Braun

OF660 Demo By Jack Haigh

OC520 Classical by This is Classical Guitar

Overhead Wood and Carbon Fiber Guitars

Looking for the best airplane-friendly travel guitar EVER? Check out our Overhead Series collapsible guitars in wood and carbon fiber featuring a thick Manzer© Wedge body, 24.5 inch scale, real bone nut and saddle, and amazing travel cases that meet carry-on size requirements! (Click Shop in Menu to see more models)

RoadTrip Carbon and Wood Guitars

Looking for HUGE tone in a small package and don’t need a collapsible guitar? The RoadTrip series guitars start at only $489 and also feature a super ergonomic wedged body that reduces shoulder stress and fretting hand fatigue. These 37″ inch guitars come with solid top and back tonewoods  or all carbon fiber construction and a 13.9″ lower bout. They also feature a full 24.5″ scale, 18:1 premium tuners, bone nut and saddle, and maintenance free passive pickups. These little guitars sound huge for their size (almost the tone of a standard orchestra model), are amazingly comfortable, and are super portable – they come with our killer RoadTrip Journeytek travel cases that fit all your touring gear.

(Click Shop in Menu to see more models)

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