• Classical Journey Junior JC520N


    The Journey Junior JC520N is a sweet little fixed-neck nylon string parlor-sized guitar with solid top and layered back & sides. It’s super ergonomic – making it ideal for artists looking for a smaller body guitar with a larger tone that’s super easy to play and refreshingly comfortable. The asymmetrical larger Manzer Wedge design on a smaller body along with a 48mm nut and 650mm scale with Torres bracing and sound port makes this guitar sound amazing to the player. Barre chords are easy, and the body shape makes for hours of playing without shoulder fatigue. Our patented bag design has more than enough room for all your gear with amazing protection. This guitar is great for guitarists looking for a comfortable easy-playing classical guitar, or those looking to minimize stress on their shoulders and joints.

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  • Journey Junior JF880N


    The Journey Junior JF880N is a sweet little fixed-neck parlor-sized guitar with solid top and layered back & sides. It’s super ergonomic – making it ideal for artists looking for a smaller body guitar with a nice parlor tone that’s super easy to play and refreshingly comfortable. The asymmetrical larger Manzer Wedge   design on a smaller 36” body along with a longer 24.5 inch scale with forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing makes this guitar easy to play barre chords and very comfortable on the shoulder under long periods of playing. Our patented bag design has more than enough room for all your gear with amazing protection. This guitar is great for guitarists looking for a comfortable easy-playing guitar, or those looking to minimize stress on their shoulders and joints.

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