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Journey Instruments

Journey Instruments specializes in premium grade travel guitars, acoustic travel guitars, acoustic electric travel guitars, carbon fiber travel guitars, collapsible guitars, ergonomic guitars, folding guitar, guitar flight cases and instrument cases designed for optimal comfort and portability.

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See what customers think about our acoustic travel guitars, touring guitars, and ukuleles.

It breaks down and travels very well, but the part that I wasn't expecting is how comfortable it is to play. Swapping saddles to better match your play is effortless and the parlor-sized, wedge-shaped body is perfect and comfortable. Also, carbon fiber takes a lot of the fear out of heat, humidity, and general jostling that happens during travel. The only thing I would change is the nut width; as this is the "classical" version, the nut should be 2", not 1 7/8". It's close, but not perfect. Otherwise, I'd HIGHLY recommend.
Ben’s Review of the OC660M Collapsible Nylon Carbon Guitar
Wow, I love my Journey OF312. Best sounding travel guitar that I have ever played! The looks and satin finish is excellent. I have two other acoustic electrics (Guild/Charvel) and the Piezo system in this travel guitar has a much better full sounding acoustic sound than my other guitars. Great job in engineering this gem.Thanks also for the hat and goodies.I am a very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work!Thank youDavid J
OF312 Overhead Testimony – David
I had high expectations for this guitar, but nonetheless I was blown away by the way it plays and sounds. Many people have commented that the volume isn't great, but I found it to be much better than anticipated and equal to or better than many other small bodied and travel guitars. And the tone achieved from a carbon fiber instrument is truly remarkable. The greatest accomplishment of the design is the combination of comfort and playability though. The neck is one of the best I've ever played. It feels similar to a Taylor, although a little bit thinner. And it's by far the most comfortable guitar I've ever played. The beveled back, along with the arm rest, cutaway and small body make this guitar feel like it's part of you. It just feels so natural. I find myself reaching for this everyday, even with a number of much more expensive guitars sitting there. If someone held a gun to my head and made me come up with something negative, I suppose I would wish they had put a strap on the back of the case that would let me slide the handle through on my rolling suitcase to hold it in place when walking through an airport. That was an easy fix though with a short bungee cord. All in all I would call this a near perfect guitar.
Pat – Verified Sweetwater Purchase
I bought an OF660B1 online gently used, after having sold another travel guitar. I am an airline pilot for XX Airlines and fly a small 50 seat regional jet. I have taken it on my first trip and it even fits into our overhead bins which are the smallest in the industry currently. I am thoroughly impressed with the instrument and beyond excited to bring this instrument with me weekly on the road. Wonderful product.
Ryan – Airline Pilot
I purchased the Journey OF660 because I wanted a guitar that I could easily take with me on an airplane. The big surprise for me was that this guitar sounds amazing!The sound is much warmer than what I expected from Carbon fiber. The lows are very reasonable for a guitar of this size and the volume is perfect. The quality is second to none.The bag is so easy to carry and store in the overhead compartment of the airplane.Big kudos to Journey!
Much more than just a travel guitar! – Sweetwater Review by Glenn
"I bought this as a gift. The day I got it I played it for about 3 hours. I was really impressed with the build quality and the sound. It didn't need any set-up and came with two bridges for different string heights to suit your playing style. The finish is beautiful, but as expected it's a fingerprint magnet. The sound is not as big as my dreadnaught, however it still was impressive for the small body size. With the wedge shaped body, it was the most comfortable guitar I've ever played. This guitar really shines when plugged in to an amp. (As, I suppose they all do) There are no electronics, no pre-amp, no tuner, but as expected it sounded like a full size amped acoustic with a very pleasant sound. The case for travel is unbelievably small and reasonably well made and thought out. However, I'm not sure how long it will last when subjected to the rigors of travel. We'll have to wait and see. Overall, I have to give the design team and Journey Instruments a lot of credit for a well thought out guitar with amazing capabilities and it all fits in an airline overhead."
“Excellent” – Sweetwater Review by Matthew
I bought this guitar for my daughter who was living in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. She needed something impervious to weather and that she could travel on the back of a motorcycle with. This guitar sounds, looks, and wears great, all, due to the removable neck (5 seconds on and off) while fitting into the overhead of an airplane. The action is low, it sounds like a Martin, and the electronics are great. What a guitar!
OF660 travel guitar review – GL Whitt verified Amazon purchase
This is a great travel guitar. I researched the specs on a lot of other travel guitars, tried out many in various guitar shops, and even owned a Little Martin LX1 for a short time prior to selling it. I gave serious attention to Martin, Taylor, Traveler and others during my multi-year search. I wanted a 1.75" nut, and a scale length the same as my Martin 00 and Gibson jumbo so as not to confuse my finger memory, as did my previous Little Martin. In addition, I wanted one to fit in an airline overhead and safely wait for me in an overheated or chilled car. Also, one that would endure severe humidity changes as I travel from south Mississippi to anywhere else. This carbon fiber Journey guitar does all that. And it sounds pretty good, understanding that it's not wooden. Also, the design and quality met and even exceeded my expectations. I'm particularly impressed with how relatively close to tune it stays after reassembly, and how easy it is to wipe down following playing in comparison to my wooden guitars.
Bob from SweetWater
This is not a Dreadnaught.......don't expect a cannon......this is well balanced, clear, and articulate! Unbelievable sustain....this sounds great plugged or unplugged.......and it folds up! Not cheap...but compared to other carbon fiber guitars...a great value! No buyers regret here.
Craig Simoni
Beautifully made, comfortable to play, stays in tune for a week at a time.
Amazon Customer
Wonderful tone. Great for travel.
Kent R. Klein

Kent R. Klein

Overview of Our Products

Overhead Collapsible Travel Guitars

Journey Instruments® launched in 2012 with our Overhead® series collapsible ergonomic acoustic travel guitars in both wood and carbon fiber. No longer do you need to buy an expensive guitar flight case to have a great guitar when you travel by air. Our collapsible travel guitars employ our patented removable neck mechanism for complete assembly in 20 seconds! Our Overhead® acoustic travel guitars are available in carbon fiber and wood. They employ a thicker Manzer© wedge body that makes them super ergonomic and results in a surprisingly big tone for such a small travel guitar body. These travel guitars come equipped with passive piezo pickups and are available in steel string, classical, and a 27” scale acoustic carbon fiber travel basses. The OF660 collapsible carbon fiber travel guitar series is arguably the best acoustic travel guitar you’ll ever find. If you’re looking for a packpacker acoustic guitar, a carry-on travel guitar, or just a great sounding small-bodied acoustic guitar that’s a joy to travel with, look no further.

First Class Collapsible Travel Guitars

Our First Class guitars are the ultimate acoustic travel guitars for musicians looking for a stage-worthy acoustic travel guitar experience. These premium travel guitars feature our modern ergonomic wedge guitar body with arm bevels and premium appointments applied grand auditorium, parlor guitar, and Torres classical guitar body formats. They also feature our upgradeable passive under-bridge pickups and convertible roller-case backpack gig bags.

RoadTrip and Journey Junior Guitars

Our RoadTrip™ and Journey Junior™ ergonomic guitars are fixed-neck student and touring guitars with our wedged guitar body that enables easier fretting for beginners or musicians with wrist injury or shoulder pain. These are a great value for gigging musicians and students looking for big tone in a small, expandable package.

Travel Cases and Gig Bags for Guitars

We design our instruments and cases together, so that the travel case is not a mere afterthought, but a core part of the entire travel guitar experience. For the Overhead travel guitar series, this means you can fit all your gigging accessories into the patented gig bag that fits into standard carry-on dimensions of major airlines. Our guitar gig bags designed for our Journey Junior™ and RoadTrip™ series travel and touring guitars fit most 36″ to 39″ travel guitars and have a plethora of pockets, daisy chains, and straps that can expand to accommodate tablets, pedals, stands, and cables.

J-uke Ukuleles and Ukulele Travel Cases

Our ukuleles include pickups and a full-featured ukulele travel case. The US490CTE, a thin bodied travel ukulele at only 22 inches total with the case is our most popular model. Our J-uke travel ukulele gig bags are equally expandable, come with rain covers, and can clip on to any other bag and accommodate gear and stands as well.

JourneyTek™ Passive Piezo Pickups

Finally our JourneyTek™ premium acoustic pickups are featured in most of our products and employ an upgradeable passive piezo pickup system with German-Made piezo elements for unparalleled transparent amplification of your instrument’s natural tone. These under-bridge passive piezo pickups are the best value around for transparent acoustic instrument amplification. We see many artists installing our pickups on vintage and premium hand-made acoustic guitars and ukuleles. Click Here for an independent on Youtube.

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