BOKE Stops by our Xiamen Workshop
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A few months back, I heard that one of our first pearl-topped carbon fiber collapsible travel guitars (OF660W1) was purchased by a gentleman, an artist who goes by the stage name name BOKE, for a trip he was taking to Shanghai – where he was going to the Taylor Swift concert. I invited him to swing by Xaimen and visit our workshop. Who’d have thought he’d take me up on my offer! We had a great lunch together, he swung by the workshop for a tour, and I set him up for fun day at a quaint tourist islet – Gulangyu. In our talk, I came to find out he actually strapped our assembled carbon fiber travel guitar to his back and walked in the rain to the concert and brought it in the concert! Haha!  Here’re a few photos to commemorate the event. 🙂


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