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Claire Hawkins brings new life to the term “troubadour” as a traveling singer/songwriter.

Her rapidly growing YouTube channel has amassed over 15,000 subscribers and more than a million views from people all over the world who follow her global adventures as an independent musician.

Hawkins first launched her international music career with a DIY European tour. Using Dublin, Ireland as a homebase, the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour supported the release of Hawkins’s EP ‘Foreign Voice’ and took place in youth hostels, channeling the special moments of connection that these travel spaces provide. Most recently, Hawkins spent a month in Southern France as part of the government-funded Odyssée Artist-in-Residence Program, where she worked on an original songwriting project centered around the theme of intercultural connection.

Community and connection are the heart of the work that Hawkins does. Her strong belief in the unifying power of music is a driving force behind her art, and it shines through in both her narrative lyrics and her eclectic folk-pop melodies. As she travels the globe with her songs, Hawkins hopes to bring people together, in the way that only music can.

On her Journey Instruments guitar, Claire has this to say: My Journey guitar changed so much about the way that I travel with my music. From performing in youth hostels on a European tour, to recording in a studio in Ireland, to writing songs as an artist-in-residence in France, my Journey guitar has been by my side for it all. It’s given me the chance to connect and collaborate with musicians and music fans around the world. Traveling with my music has never been easier, and I’m so grateful!

Her newest single, “Choosing to Stay” is out now!

Find out more about Claire right here.

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