Great RT660 Touring Guitar Demo from Doug Allen Wilcox
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Doug Allen Wilcox does a great demo and review of the RT660M carbon fiber touring guitar! If you’re looking for the awesomest fixed-neck carbon guitar in a travelable size – check out the RT660/M! (“M” denotes matte finish) It’s about 36″ long with a 14.5″ lower bout and features a 24.5″ scale with Manzer wedge, rib bevel, arm bevel, scoop-away, dual-action truss rod, passive 3-piezo pickup system and a killer touring case.
Here’s the demo video and read below to see what Doug has to say about this killer instrument:

“I’ve been a professional guitarist for most of my adult life and have been a solo, performing singer/songwriter – using acoustic guitar as my primary accompaniment – for nearly 25 years.
For numerous reasons, I was an early proponent of carbon fiber guitars and have enjoyed the ease of use derived from CF’s ability to withstand temperature and humidity changes – a huge advantage when traveling to gigs in a different climate zone from home base – and equally so even when just playing around the house – if home happens to experience strong seasonal humidity shifts as mine does.
I’ve played numerous guitars from the Composite Acoustics line (both pre and post Peavey) as well as those by Rainsong and while I’ve liked them all in the short term, there was always something lacking for me.
With that said, it’s my unbiased opinion that my Journey carbon fiber guitar hits all my desired bullet points better than any
guitar I’ve ever worked with.
Playability is superb – setup was great right out of the box – and I love the scale length and general portability of the instrument.
Using wood as the standard for acoustic guitar tone, the RT660 has the “woodiest” tone of any CF guitar I’ve owned (with the added benefit of a nice low-end “kick” compliments of the offset soundhole and wedge-designed body).
I’ve played the guitar acoustically, through a Fishman Loudbox amp, and have recorded into my DAW and all methods produce just what I’m looking for in a working guitar.
The fact that Journey uses exactly the type of pickup I would typically install myself is a terrific plus.
My wife has developed a good ear over the years, listening to all the various guitars I’ve owned and played, and she proclaims the RT660 to be a winner as well – states the case very well in my book!
Add in a crazy-good travel bag and the Journey RT660M is a package any working guitarist should be extremely happy with.”

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