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Our pickups are designed primarily for use with the instruments for which they’re advertised, and our installation procedures are based on these applications. However, we’ve discovered musicians are using our pickups on a number of other instruments. Because every instrument is different, your installation may be different from our instructions. We recommend you first evaluate the installation on your instrument and consider our pickup specs with reference to the number and diameter of piezos, cable lengths, and output jack size and location. As a general rule, for optimal performance it’s best to place piezos directly and evenly under the saddle on the bridge plate with no more than 3mm of overhang (the actual ceramic piezo element is slightly smaller than the visible metal piezo plate you glue against the bridge plate). You may also glue the pickups to other locations on the bridge plate or soundboard, and you should still get a natural amplification, however the volume will likely be slightly weaker and the tone will be more rounded the further away they are placed from bridge saddle on the bridge plate.

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