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Award winning guitarist Maneli Jamal has wowed audiences around the world with his visual style of playing acoustic guitar. He incorporates many musical textures in his performances while keeping rhythm with his two hands but you’ll swear he has a trio with him. You’ve got to visually see him live to experience what you thought is possible with the acoustic guitar. He has over 5 million video views and 75,000+ followers on social media sites making him an artist to watch for.Biography   
Acoustic guitarist Maneli Jamal has lived in five different countries (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, Canada) and moved twenty times by the time he was 18. The young artist gained a sense of musical maturity rarely seen among his peers especially when he transforms his nomadic life experiences into musical movements using extended guitar techniques. There aren’t many players in his style that have Jamal’s balance of power and sensitivity, nor his breadth of ideas. His rhythmic concepts can be alternately short and dense, or explored carefully through several movements and real life stories. This becomes evident with having won countless music competitions around the world including most recently placing 1st at Canada’s Soundclash Music Awards. Having been brought up in a purely artistic and musical family has contributed to shape his unique and comical story telling approach in live settings. He has already performed in 5 continents and 12 countries as a solo performer, has a signature model acoustic guitar named after him and was on the front cover of 2015 Toronto magazine (500,000 copies distributed worldwide). The world is his home and he plays from one end to the other.
1st place – 2014 Harbourfront Centre’s Soundclash Music Awards (Canada)
2nd place – 2014 Lee Ritenour’s Six String Theory Competition – Acoustic Guitar Category
1st place – 2013 Best Guitarist Award for Indie Week Festival (Canada)
1st place – 2013 Beaches International Jazz Festival Hennessy Contest (Canada)
1st place – 2012 “Awakening” Best Recording AES Convention by Pouya Hamidi (worldwide)
1st place – 2012 Winterfolk Festival Auditions (Canada)
1st place – 2011 Winterfolk Festival Auditions (Canada)
3rd place – 2011 Guitar Idol III held in London, UK (worldwide)
1st place – 2010 Taylor Acoustic Guitars Showdown (worldwide)
1st place – 2009 Faith Acoustic Guitars Competition (worldwide)Tours 
2016 Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK).
2016 India / Mexico / USA Winter solo tour. 22 shows
2015 USA / Canada with Cole Clark Guitars to promote Maneli Jamal Signature Model. 21 shows
2015 Reunion Island with Pedro Eustache, Shenkar and Luna Lee. 7 shows
2015 USA / Canada with International Guitar Night (Andrew York, Diego Figueiredo and Brian Gore). 24 shows
2014 Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland) with Andrea Valeri, 12 shows
2013 New Zealand / Australia with Van Larkins, 35 shows
2012 Canada with Van Larkins and Trevor Gordon Hall, 17 showsRecent Accomplishments 
2016 5,000,000+ video views
2016 33,000 YouTube subscribers / 27,000 Facebook likes / 14,000 Instagram followers
2015 Cole Clark Guitar Maneli Jamal Signature Model AN2EC-MJ
2015 Front cover of Toronto Tourism Magazine. 500,000 copies distributed worldwide 
2014 Front cover of Italian Guitar Magazine Acusitca Chittara 
2014 Named “30 best guitarst under 30” by Acoustic Guitar Magazine
“The comical and incredibly talented Maneli Jamal brought stories from his upbringing translated to innovative guitar delivery. Jamal stunned us with his intense frenetic ethnic flare, and even his artfully placed pauses. His story delivery was also spot on and so fun to hear.”
-Guitar World, Laura B. Whitmore
“Jamal shows his mastery of phrasing, a sumptuous tone, and an ability to wrest emotion from every note, even from the pauses between the notes.”
-Minor 7th, Céline Keating
“Maneli Jamal is an upcoming star and is writing some powerful music with a personal narrative that is compelling and meaningful.”
-Andrew York, Grammy Award Winning Guitarist
“Having released his first albums on CandyRat Records, Jamal struck out on his own in 2012 with The Lamaj Movement, a collection that showcases his Iranian heritage as well as the astonishing tone and dexterity that sets him apart from other fingerstylists.”
-Acoustic Guitar Magazine 
“Each song is a story, the technical wizardry kept to what’s necessary for that tune. He chooses to unfold his mastery of the instrument over the course of a set rather than pack a thousand notes into one or two tunes and reuse tricks all night.”
-Orillia Packet, John Swartz 
“Listening to Jamal talk about his own work is like listening to the work itself: there’s a story going on, intimately shaping the sound of every individual note. There’s real substance.”
-Soundclash Music Awards (Harbourfront Centre), Post City
“Today Maneli is one of the fine young guitarists making their mark in what one would classify as World music. In Maneli’s case this may be more accurate than with many others considering he has lived in Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, and Canada. His music is truly beyond description.”
-Fingerstyle 360 Magazine
“The way he played and communicated with the audience was fabulous. We did not hear any mistakes during the show which is not quite possible during live performances.”
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