New RT660 review from Mark the Airplane Pilot
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Here’s a great review from an airline pilot who purchased the RT660 RoadTrip as his primary guitar:
“I called your company a couple of weeks ago and expressed an interest in learning more about your carbon fiber guitar. The person who answered the phone identified himself as the owner, spent a good deal of time with me detailing history, design and other aspects of the RT 660 carbon fiber guitar. I was so impressed with the time and patience he spent with me, that I ordered the guitar the next day (one of the dealerships recommended by the person I was talking to.)
I am an airline pilot for a major airline and take a guitar with me on every trip. I travel throughout North America and the Caribbean. Because any guitar I take with me goes through significant temperature, humidity and pressure extremes all in one day, I was always concerned with the effects it might have on the guitar I took with me. I have 2 Traveller guitars, a Taylor GS Mini, Ibanez, Yamaha and Alvarez that I might choose. I alternated the guitars because I didn’t want to expose one guitar to this constant barrage of extremes.
Now I have a Journey RT660. It will be the only guitar I take with me. You already know this, but let me expand on my impressions.
The carbon fiber durability, well it’s a no-brainer. No heat, humidity or pressure will affect it. Add to that, just plain durability…it isn’t as delicate as wood, so it is much less likely to get crushed in the back of a hotel van. Add to the guitar durability, a well designed and padded gig bag that is included with the guitar purchase price and you have a perfect travel guitar.
Size is perfect. About the size of my GS Mini but better playability because of the fretboard design. It fits in the cockpit easily.
Tone is different from wood, but in a good way. I could try to explain it, but suffice it to say, I love the tone and sound it produces. I will add that I own Taylors, Martins, Yamahas, Ibanez, Alvarez and PRS guitars. I’m not a tone expert, but I love playing this guitar as much as any one of my other guitars.
Comfort and style are wonderful. The shape and contours make it very comfortable to hold and play. The outward appearance of the guitar, in my mind is beautiful. Again, different from any other guitar I own, but still has a beauty of it’s own.
Electronics. I don’t plug in often, but I wasn’t going to buy anything without the ability to plug into an amp.
Truss rod. One manufacturer told me a truss rod is not necessary in a carbon fiber guitar. But as was pointed out to me by the owner, is it possible to have a guitar with a universal setup that pleases everyone? I plan on getting this set just a little different than the way it arrived. That was great advice!
Price. It’s not the cheapest carbon fiber guitar I found during my search, but it is less than half the price of the more expensive ones. Simply stated, a great value for the money.
Last but not least, customer service. The time spent with me on the phone to sell maybe one guitar speaks for itself. The dealer recommended was also centered on customer service.
To summarize, I love the guitar. Great design, great sound, great value, and great customer service.

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