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Shane Appell has a passion for music! His first song released in 2022 and since then he has taken social media by storm. Shane’s talent and rapidly growing audience (870k+) has lead him to perform on the Today Show stage, New York Swim Week, and New York Fashion Week. He can also be seen in interviews such as the cover of News Wire Magazine with well over 80,000+ viewers. Shane continues his passion for music by consistently releasing new songs, connecting with his fans, and working on his craft every day.

When asked about his OF660BP Journey Instruments guitar, Shane had this to say:

“It’s a good feeling knowing that I have such a versatile and unique instrument in my possession. Seeing others react to the mechanics of this 2 piece guitar makes my day. On top of that, it’s so convenient to pack up while I’m on the go – which is always. Most of all, the carbon fiber make up allows me to play rain or shine. I wish everyone could experience the excellence of Journey Instruments!”

Find out more about Shane right here!

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