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Teddy is primarily a Solo Acoustic Guitar Player and Singer. Although he specializes in feel good classic rock & oldies, he can also play a wide range of genres ranging from the 1950’s to the 2020’s. Rock, Pop, Country, and everything in between, Teddy can pretty much accommodate any musical situation needed…and have a great time doing it!

​Not just a performer, he is an entertainer, the likes of which you can only really experience when you see him play live. Being super easy to work with, modest and down to earth, he also possesses a very professional attitude and work ethic.  And of course… he’s always ready to rock! 

On his Journey Instruments guitar, he has this to say:

“Being a traveling musician, I’ve had many issues keeping my guitar healthy and in-tune. From Arizona, where I play brutally hot shows and humidity is non-existent, to Minnesota where it’s downright freezing, I had to find a solution…

…I found that solution when I discovered the carbon fiber “Journey OF660”. I don’t consider it a “travel guitar”, I consider it a professional guitar that travels well…very well. Day in and day out, the intonation is spot on and I never have to worry about my tone. The fact that I can just throw it in a small backpack and take it anywhere is an absolute bonus! It has become my main workhorse and is a huge part of my sound. Plus it looks cool… I just love it ;)”

Find out more about Teddy here!

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