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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Carbon Fiber Guitar

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Many professional musicians frown on carbon fiber guitars. They say no other instrument can produce a more elegant sound than a traditional wooden guitar. However, trailblazing masters of the axe are jumping into the new craze, highlighting the many advantages of a carbon fiber guitar over its more conventional counterpart. 

If you are looking for a new  guitar, here are ten reasons why you need to consider a carbon fiber guitar.

1. They are Lightweight

High-end carbon fiber guitars can weigh less than an ultraportable laptop, giving you an idea of its lightweight characteristics. These musical instruments are perfect for people who don’t want to lug around a heavy guitar.

Now, just because it is lightweight does not automatically mean it is fragile. On the contrary, carbon fiber has the highest stiffness and strength per density among the different materials. That is why Formula 1 manufacturers use carbon fiber composites in their parts. 

You get a guitar that is stronger than metal but as light as a feather.

2. Humidity and Temperature Changes are Never a Concern

Traditional wooden guitars are vulnerable to extreme humidity and temperature changes. Ideally, one should store a guitar in a 70 to 75-degree Fahrenheit room with humidity levels of 40 to 50 percent.

Subjecting a wooden guitar to temperatures and humidity levels outside the recommended range can lead to a buzzing action, fret shrinking, fret swelling, neck warping, cracks, and tuning problems. 

A carbon fiber guitar will never give you such a headache. It stays as solid as the first day you bought it.

3. You Do Not Need an Amp to Produce a Loud Sound

One of a carbon fiber guitar’s best selling points is its ability to produce a loud sound without relying on external amplification. Many high-end carbon fiber guitars create a loud, resonant, and rich sound with a well-balanced tone.

Other guitarists describe the sound as clearer with more prominent overtones. It produces a longer sustain, creating a brighter tonality that few conventional guitars can match. It is also more responsive, allowing guitarists to develop their skills faster.

Of course, other factors can come into play, such as the guitar’s size.

4. Composite Materials are Stronger and More Durable than Wood

Carbon fibers consist of the most robust resin and the most durable fibers known to man. Composite manufacturers say it is twice as stiff as metal and five times more heavy-duty. 

High-end carbon fibers can be eight times stronger than aluminum and ten times sturdier than steel. Carbon fiber is also more durable than titanium.

A carbon fiber guitar can withstand drops and vibrations without damaging its components. The guitar you buy today will stay with you for a lifetime.

5. You can Go to the Beach or Get Drenched in Rain with Them

Moisture is one of a wooden item’s natural enemies. Water droplets can swell the wood, leading to glue joint failure and problems in the neck angle. That is why guitarists protect their instruments against accidental splashes.

You will not get that headache from a carbon fiber guitar. It’s steel-like construction makes it impervious to water damage.

Guitarists can submerge their guitars in water for several seconds and never worry about a thing. Accidental spills will never concern you.

6. Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Some people think that carbon fiber guitars only come in one style or color – all-black. While this may be true in the early days of the carbon guitar, people can now choose from a wide selection of colorful designs and styles.

One can always pick a carbon fiber guitar that suits the personality. Guitar brands now employ more advanced design techniques to incorporate various textures and patterns into their creations. The best part is they also accept customized designs.

7. Some Carbon Fiber Guitars are More Affordable than Traditional Guitars

The advanced manufacturing processes involved in creating carbon fiber guitars make this musical instrument more expensive than conventional guitars. That was the case. Now, the growing number of carbon fiber guitar manufacturers has contributed to a more affordable guitar.

Today, you can get a trustworthy carbon fiber guitar for about the same price as a standard guitar. Even if you get a high-end model, it will still cost less than a top-of-the-line Martin, Gibson, or Fender.

8. The Sound it Produces Lasts Forever

Not only will a carbon fiber guitar retain its physical characteristics for a lifetime, thanks to its stronger-than-steel features. It also keeps its phenomenal sound for the rest of your life. You can pass this musical instrument to your great-grandchildren, and it will still sound as great as when you first played it.

Wooden guitars produce slight changes in their overall sound production over time. Moisture, temperature extremes, and other environmental and physical factors can impact its tonal qualities. A carbon fiber guitar does not suffer from these changes, ensuring its extraordinary acoustic characteristics forever.

9. They Make Excellent Travel Companions

Aside from the fact that it is lightweight and more heavy-duty than steel, a carbon fiber guitar can also have a detachable neck, like this one. This feature minimizes the guitar’s footprint, making for the ideal travel companion.

Conventional guitars require bulky carrying bags. On the other hand, some carbon guitars are so slim they can fit in your backpack. You can store the detachable neck in a pocket, and you can be on your merry way.

10. Carbon Guitars are More Comfortable to Play

Its lightweight characteristics make the carbon fiber guitar more comfortable to play than traditional string music instruments. The fretboard also has a smoother finish, facilitating more efficient finger styles.

Children will never have issues playing a carbon guitar, and neither will absolute newbies. Carbon fiber guitars are heavy-duty, impervious to damage. Wooden guitars can crack and produce splinters that can hurt players if they are not careful.

Bottom Line

Some guitarists may not like the idea of owning a carbon fiber guitar. However, other people will find a carbon fiber guitar’s durability, sound quality, and elegance is everything they need to ensure excellent performance wherever they are. These are just some of the many reasons why you should also consider a carbon fiber guitar.

This article is written by Charles Vallena, Managing Editor & Founder of Guitar Junky, a music blog that provides the latest reviews & buying guides on music instruments.

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