Journey travel guitar collapsible acoustic travel guitar – side angle

Review by Leighton Kyle on Ultimate

“I’ve been playing guitar for about 5 years now and recently started to travel quite a bit. I purchased one of Journey Instruments’ Overhead mahogany travel guitars and it is a beautiful instrument! One of my favorite features of the guitar’s design is its Manzer wedge. This wedge design and its shorter body make it really comfortable to hug underneath my arm and against my body while I’m playing. Another feature that I love is the built in pick up that does not require batteries. No more inconvenience and hassle needing to switch out batteries! When I’m ready to pack…

Ron Cary Reviews Overhead Travel Guitar

Build quality is excellent, not a mark or fingerprint on the instrument. No flaws outside (the rosewood back is beautiful) and no glue drippings inside. Action requires no set-up for my taste. Neck thickness is just fine and the tuners work well. Case is as well-designed as the YouTube video demo shows. Everything associated with playing can go in one bag…
So, in my opinion, Journey Instruments did their research and got everything right about a guitar designed for air travel that doesn’t compromise size with sound.

Eric McKenna Spreng

Combining a finger-style approach with creative zeal, guitarist Eric McKenna Spreng has forged his own distinctive sound from some of the world’s great musical traditions. Weaving together threads of Spanish flamenco, traditional Celtic, Classical, and Americana, Eric’s original music is a contemporary tapestry of historic impressions. Eric performs solo acoustic instrumental guitar, is a member of the the Celtic/world music ensemble SYNKOFA and the rock band November Hotel. Currently, he performs, teaches private lessons, and serves as music faculty at The Open Classroom in Salt Lake City, UT.

Donovan Raitt with Journey Travel Guitar

Donovan Raitt

An Irvine, California native, Donovan Raitt started his musical career with the piano at the age of 5. At the age of 11, Donovan fell in love with the electric guitar and started taking lessons. Unaware of his family’s history with the electric guitar (Donovan’s cousin is Grammy winning blues guitarist Bonnie Raitt), Donovan’s love for the guitar grew as he started to perform regularly in a wide variety of styles, Performing his first professional gig at the age of 15. In 2001 Donovan was one of 10 students admitted to the prestigious Studio/Jazz guitar program at the University of…

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