JourneyTek Passive 2-piezo Bass Pickup EP002K

JourneyTek Passive 2-piezo Bass Pickup EP002K

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A clear transparent upgradable passive 2-piezo pickup for bass. Requires no batteries.

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Journey Instruments Pickups

The EP-002K passive piezo pickup is an elegant upgradable pickup solution for transparent tone to amplify the natural sound of your acoustic bass. Installation requires no modification to your ukulele apart from drilling the endpin jack hole and gluing the elements to the bridge plate.

General Specs and Details:

  • 2 balanced German-made ceramic piezo elements – 20mm diameter
  • No batteries needed
  • frequency response 22Hz-18kHz
  • length of wire from peizo element to pickup jack: 22cm
  • Installation Guide Here:
  • NOTE: As this is an endpin jack, you may consider buying our Journey Guitar Strap which is slit to fit this endpin. Otherwise, you may need to enlarge the hole for your strap.
  • UPC 643485843597

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  • JourneyTek™ Active Dual-Source Pickup Module EPS001-05K


    (FOR TRADITIONAL ROUND SOUND HOLE GUITARS ) Our premium active dual-source pickup module made for guitars with traditional sound holes with a diameter of 9 to 11 cm. When installed with an upgradable passive piezo JourneyTek™ pickup, this 9v battery powered pickup system delivers spectacular acoustic sound with robust tonal control – and it features discrete sound hole controls so it requires no modification to your instrument (with exception of drilling an endpin hole for the pickup jack).

    IMPORTANT: To use this pickup, you must have an upgradeable passive pickup module as well. EP-001 (3-Piezo Steel String Pickup), EP-004(4-Piezo Classical Pickup), or EP002K (2-Piezo Bass Pickup). This module may also be used to upgrade existing Journey Instruments Guitars and Bases that have the upgradeable passive piezo system already installed. 



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