After Installing my Piezo elements (EP001K, EP002…) the volume or tone is not balanced.

This is rare, but the sound imbalance could be due to a number of factors including: inconsistency in thickness of glue applied to the piezo, location of piezo position, the density of wood in that section, a gap between the saddle and soundboard, unevenness at the bottom of the saddle, unevenness at the bottom of the saddle slot, or possibly slight sensitivity difference of the pickup – or a combination of many of these factors. As a first step we recommend you first remove the saddle and check the evenness of the bottom of the saddle and the saddle slot – this is frequently the culprit. Then make sure there is no gap between the saddle and soundboard. If you need to remove the piezo and reposition it, or replace it, see this FAQ:

Category: 4. Electronics FAQ

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