I’m not getting a signal from my JourneyTek Pickup. What’s the problem?

We test all our pickups twice before shipping so there’s a very low probability this will happen. But just in case, here’s a short checklist to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Check your battery. You can use a voltmeter or do the “tongue test” if you’re feeling gutsy.
  2. Pull your guitar cable out by 0.5-1mm. We’ve tested dozens of guitar cables with our guitar cable connectors and there are about 5% of guitar cables that need to be backed out by 0.5-1mm.
  3. Check all the internal connections on your pickups:
    1. First make sure the strap button cover is flush with the socket for the guitar cable. If the guitar cable socket is too far recessed then this will prevent you from making a secure connection to get signal. To evaluate if this is the case, just remove the strap button cover and plug the guitar cable into the socket. If this gives you a signal, then you know you need to adjust the screw and washer positions on the pickup jack so that the button is flush when fully assembled.
    2. For EP001 and passive piezo units (EP001, EP002, EP003, EP004) , our newest versions have a 2.5mm mono male connector that plugs into the back of the guitar cable jack inside the guitar. Make sure this connection is secure.
    3. For EPS001 series (dual-source pickups) check:
      1. 2.5mm connection from piezos to the preamp unit
      2. 3.5 mm connection from cable jack to the preamp unit and 2.5mm connection from this wire into the cable jack.
      3. the battery connection
  4. If you’re upgrading your existing passive pickup to an EPS001 module, please note that we’ve upgraded the connector connector you plug your guitar cable into. YOU MUST SWITCH THIS OUT. The previous connector works only with the passive pickups. Be sure to upgrade your connector to the new one included in the EPS001-05K and EPS001-15K kits. If you purchased EPS001 modules along with your EP001 or other passive piezo modules, this is not necessary.

Category: 4. Electronics FAQ

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